About Brent Silcott

When Brent Silcott was in his second year of college, he had an unexplained drive inside of him to create business; an entrepreneurial spirit. While taking courses, Brent began planning to open a business. After some research under his belt and a target city picked out, Silcott’s Shoes was born.

Through it’s infancy, Silcott’s began to take shape as an area leader in fashion and Brent started to hone his craft. Indeed, Brent studied fashion blogs, went to tradeshows, and began to research and learn the art of shoe-fitting.

Fast forward 15 years and you’ve got the current Brent Silcott, masterful shoe-fitter. And, you’ve got a store in Silcott’s Shoes that has dialed into its niche. Carrying brands from orthopedics like SAS to fashion forward UGG’s, Silcott’s has helped to make Valpo feel even more like a little slice of Chicago.