Allen Edmonds’ McAllister

  • Six-eyelet wing-tip balmoral

  • Perfing, pinking and toe medallion

  • Full leather linings

  • Regular welt

  • Single oak leather sole

  • Custom stacked leather heel with rubber toplift; Cordovan styles feature combination dovetail toplift

Product Description

McAllister – Wingtip Lace-up Oxford Men’s Dress Shoes

First introduced in 1956 and brought back by popular demand in 2009, this model is our ode to a style that dates back hundreds of years. You see, originally, the wingtip gained popularity in Scotland because its secondary trim provided extra protection from the Highland’s rocky crags and its perforations allowed water to drain from shoe as a highlander traversed boggy landscapes. Over the years, this dress brogue has remained a must-have model because its traditional 5-Last fit, sturdy leather sole and the strength conveyed by the short wings instill a sense of confidence to anyone who wears them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the perfing on the wing, throat and backstay along with the pinking and intricate toe medallion also make these shoes as refined as they are enduring. And just as it has evolved from its humble beginnings into the quintessential business shoe, the McAllister is perfect for the man who is making his way in the world, but hasn’t forgot where he came from.

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